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Dengue is a viral disease which causes fever and is spread by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. According to severity it is divided into 4 grades, I, II, III and IV. Grades III and IV are life threatening and patients may also suffer from bleeding from the nose, gums and skin when the condition worsens due to Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). A person can be infected by different types of  dengue viruses at different stages, but not by the same type of virus twice. Dengue is not transmitted from person to person.

Symptoms of dengue are sudden high fever of  103-105 Fahrenheit , headaches, pain behind eyes, body aches and skin rash.  The fever usually lasts for 5 to 7 days and occurs within a week of the infected mosquito bite. Since dengue is a viral infection there is no cure for dengue.  There is no vaccine for dengue and antibiotics are used only for treating secondary infections. Most cases of dengue are treated at home, but hospitalization is recommended when the patient's platelet count falls below 50,000 and there are chances of dengue developing into DHF.

Paracetamol can be used to reduce the fever and join pain. Aspirin and Brufen should be avoided since they could aggravate the condition by causing internal bleeding. If sufficient rest and proper food is not taken, the patient could suffer from DHF and DSS after 5 to 7 days. which may result in death. Plenty of fluids should be taken to prevent dehydration. Diet should be nutritious consisting of  juices and vegetable soups. 

To prevent dengue from developing into  dengue hemorrhagic fever , the homoeopathic remedy of Ipecac in 200 potency given twice a day for 3 days, and 2 doses a week thereafter is recommended. Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 C potency, take 4 pills once a day for 10 days will give immunity for one year and if the fever develops, it will be a low grade fever.

Dengue can be prevented by protecting people from mosquito bites and preventing mosquitoes from breeding. There should be no exposed water when mosquitoes can lay their eggs. Mosquito nets and repellents can be used to protect a person from mosquito bites. Preventing mosquito bites

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