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A fever is the increase of  the body temperature above the normal body temperature and is often a symptom of  a medical problem. The normal body temperature varies from person to person between 98.4 Deg F to 99.5 Deg F. An increase of  2-4 Deg F  in temperature is considered as fever. Very high fever (more than 107 Deg F) is considered dangerous.

The body temperature varies according to the time of the day and how it is measured. In the early morning, the temperature of  the body is the lowest and during the evening (about 6 pm ) the body temperature is the highest. If the temperature is measured using a thermometer in the mouth, a slightly higher temperature will be measured than that indicated by the thermometer in the arm pit. Children have a high metabolic rate and a higher body temperature. Elderly persons cannot generate much heat, so even a slight temperature could be a symptom of a serious ailment.


In addition to increase in temperature, a person suffering from fever may also have a headache, general weakness, lack of appetite and may shiver. The fever may be caused by a number of reasons - infectious diseases like common cold, viral infections like malaria, surgery, due to drugs, metabolic disorders. By increasing the temperature of the body, the body could prevent growth of harmful pathogens.


The fever will reduce when the cause of  the fever is treated or the body develops immunity to the problem. Since the temperature of the body is increased, it is important to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. A sponge bath may be given to reduce the body temperature. For high temperature (especially in children), a cloth dipped in egg whites or onion juice may be placed on the feet to reduce the temperature.  Many people take medications like Crocin to control fever, but these drugs may have side effects.

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