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A stroke can cause paralysis and disable a person, but by taking suitable precautions the chances of  suffering from stroke are reduced. If  a blood relative has suffered from a stroke, you are more likely to suffer from a stroke and should modify  your lifestyle accordingly.

 Some of  the precautions to be taken for preventing strokes are:

1. Control hypertension . Reducing blood pressure by exercising, reducing salt and alcohol intake, managing stress and reducing weight are very important.


2.If  you suffer from diabetes, control the level of blood sugar by modifying your diet, exercise and losing weight. This will reduce the damage to the brain during a stroke.


3. When a person is under stress, blood is more likely to clot, causing an ischemic stroke. It also causes a spike in blood pressure, which cause long term hypertension or brain hemorrhage. Try to lead a simple lifestyle, learn relaxation technique and avoid stressful situations.


4.  Reduce the amount of  cholesterol and saturated fats in the foods you eat. The cholesterol and fats are deposited on the walls of the artery, increase the blood pressure and chances of  clot formation. Eat foods which do not contain fats like raw fruits and vegetables.


5.Stop smoking since smokers are more likely to suffer from a stroke. If a person stops smoking, the risk of  a stroke gradually decreases.


6. Drinking excessive alcohol and consumption of  drugs increases the blood pressure and could cause a stroke. Both alcohol and drugs are to be avoided.


7. Exercise regularly since this will reduce the blood pressure. Spend about 30 minutes doing  low impact exercises like walking. Time spent exercising should be increased gradually.


8. Try to lose weight , since being overweight increases the risk of various ailments. Reducing weight by even a few kilograms can lower blood pressure.

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